How to get started

Welcome at Gewoon Lekker Rennen! We use the app Trainingpeaks to send you the schedule and provide feedback. If you have a sports watch you can couple this to Trainingpeaks, so we can see your workout. Follow the steps to get started!

  1. Scan the QR code underneath or click here
  2. Sign up and add us as a trainer (this should happen automatically if you used the link in step 1)
  3. Download the Trainingpeaks app to your phone App StoreGoogle Play
  4. If you have a sports watch, you can couple the app to Trainingpeaks GarminPolarWahooApple Watch
  5. We will add the schedule to your account. In order to know your level please go to Monday August 30th, click on the ‘+’, add a goal and type how often you run now, what the longest distance is you can run now and what your goal distance on the 10th of October. So this can be 0-0-5 if you start from zero and want to run 10 km, or 3-12-21 if you run 3 times a week now, can run 12 km and want to run the half marathon. This will help us in selecting the right schedule for you!
  6. Good luck with training!
Met deze QR code voeg je ons toe als coach